Monday, September 8, 2008

Party weekend!

This one is Delila
This one is Jovie!

What a weekend. Jovie and Delila both celebrated their first birthday togeter at their Grandpa Doug's house. these babies are absolutly adorable! that was on Saturday. then on Sunday the whole clan came to my house to sing Happy Birthday to 21 year old Chad! Love that Chad!

It is always entertaining when we all get together. But the sad part is that we are all not there. Kevin is in Virginia working. Kortney is in Rexburg getting ready to have a baby. and Kendra is in Idaho Falls with my new Granddog. Kendra and Nathan got a puppy on Saturday and so far it has no name. Donna had a Granddog before me- Sawyer. I plan on being a more responsible ( not sure of the proper term for the grandparent of a dog) than my sister was for Sawyer. Now that's a story that made me laugh, I mean cry.

One day Donna was dog sitting Sawyer while Mica and JB were out of town. Donna, being the good Grandparent ( or whatever the term should be) decided to take Sawyer out to play fetch. So She and Sawyer headed out to the Dam where there is a nice grassy area to run in. so toss after toss, all goes well untill a bird flys over head at the same time and direction as the stick. Sawyer sees the bird and goes after the bird, who flys right on by. Sawyer leaps the stone wall that the bird fies over, only to discover it is a wall at the top of a cliff. Donna screams and runs to the wall to see that Sawyer has landed on a ledge about 8 feet down. Beyond this very small ledge is a 100+ foot drop to the bottom of the dam. Sawyer is crying( Donna too) and bleeding and hanging on the edge of the cliff. Donna does manage to get Sawyer to come close enough that she could haul him back up by his collar. Poor dog ended up with a broken leg and a bloody nose. Moral of the story- dont play fetch at the top of a cliff!

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Jeff said...

Are Jovie and Delila you grand niece and nephew, or am a even further behind on our family than I thought?