Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok, so maybe it is time to update on my world again. First lets talk about what it is like to have your baby getting ready to have her baby- not sure what to say! Nerve wrecking! Poor baby! here is the fun part- when I talk to her, I have to be careful to not appear worried or overly concerned. If I fail at that, she is annoyed with me because I worry too much and then she doesnt wnat to talk to me anymore. If I underplay that, then there is the concern that I may appear uninterested or uncaring, and therefore not privy to more information. there is a fine line that one must walk in dealing with a pregnant daughter. But on a very positive note- I am so very proud of my wonderful daughter and I know without a doubt that she is going to be the very best mom to that little person that will be her daughter! She is such a trooper, and bears all her misery with dignity and grace. I love her and I am so very proud of her! and that husband of hers! what a great guy! he deserves a medal! he takes such good care of his family and does it so cheerfully. He is going to be a great father! He is my favorite son-in-law!

Now on to more of the life of me- Last Saturday I ended up heading out to the lake bright and early to go participate in the annual Lake cleanup community project. I ended up donning scuba gear and diving for trash. The lake was particularly murkey and visibility was extremely poor. Several of us ended up tying ourselves together with a rope in order to stay together. I did manage to find some trash- a sewer pipe about 30 feet down! After a few hours of diving, lunch was catered on shore by rib crib and it was good! Then there were door prizes, I won a gift certificate to the cosmotology school! The really great part about this fun Saturday morning was the fact that I was able to use the hours towards my profesional development requirement for my employment!! Icing on the cake!

(this is not the right picture! but it was taken at the lake at a community service event that I participated in! and I DID go for a swim! BRRRR!!!)

Now for another neice or nephew spot light- Evan! Love that kid! He is an 8th grader and taller than me. He is amazing at video games and is a really smart kid. I am looking forward to his Marching band days ahead and going to watch him march and play!

It seems to me that my nieces and nephews like to be mentioned in my blog, so I will do a spot light on them a few at a time- so you can get to be famous for a day! So lets talk about Ava and Diego- very interesting children! I had the priveledge to babysit them last week and it was fun. We played with Linclon logs and built some houses, then Dustin got home and showed how to build a catapault and flip lincoln logs into the ceiling fan! 3 year old boys think that is a riot! before too long, the cat had to run for cover because Diego was using it as a moving target! So, the next day I get a call from their mother (Diana) and she says that her kids said they really enjoyed playing with the toys at my house. two days later she calls and says there are lincoln logs EVERYWHERE! thanks alot! I laughed!

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Jeff said...

I was getting confused reading about your scuba adventure with the snow picture in the corner of my vision. Thanks for clearing it up in the end. I like your idea of spot lighting nieces and nephews. Boy is it teaching me be a little more respectful when someone is trying to capture keep sakes at my grandparents' - their in-laws' - 50th wedding anniversary.