Thursday, August 28, 2008

Special Olympics

So, a couple of weeks ago Dustin and I are watching another amzing night of the Olympics and after sitting still for hours and watching the men's gymnastics Dustin explodes out of his man recliner and starts bouncing around the room. He then states that we are going to have a home olympics. So I ask what event and who are the participants. Well, obviously, we are to be the participants and not so sure of the event. So I suggest the only gymnastic event that I ever could do- a head stand! Dustin has never done one before, so I proceed to give him headstand lessons. Mind you, its nearly midnight now! So after several attempts, he finnally manages to pull one off. Yay! Now its bed time. Not so quick, he says. Its time for the run for the gold. The boy then challenges his poor OLD mother to a headstand standoff- at Midnight!! Well, being the person I am, I cant ever resist a challenge. not even at midnight and 18 year old -vs- 40 something challenge. I know I am going to hurt myself, and I havent done a headstand for many years. What am I thinking? But when he pulled out an actual Gold medal, and dangles in front of my nose and told me it was for the Gold... What can I say, there I was on my head at midnight trying to win a gold medal from an 18 year old athlete. Then he says -who's going to be the judge? the cats were indifferent (a bit curios tho I am sure). So Dustin grabs the camera and decides that we will take pictures of each other and then compare the photos to see who preforms the best headstand. So after several attempts to get good photos and a lot of silliness the contest ends, photos compared and Dustin declares his mother the winner by 1 100th of a point. Yay! I win!! I feel special!

(and NO, I am not going to post a picture of me doing a headstand at midnight in my PJ's!)


Jeff said...


Nelson Family said...

I want the photo too. If you aren't going to post it, then why have a blog? Really. I post big fat pregnant pictures of myself to humor you. Now it's your turn to humor us.

The Ballard Family said...

You really should have posted the photo... :) Hey! I didn't know you had one of these. I'm glad to be able to see what you're up to! It's been a while...but hop on over to our blog if you want to see what kind of shenanigans we've been busying ourselves with!

The Ballard Family said...

Hey, me again,
I had to change my blog setting to private, so I need to get your email address from you again so I can "allow" you to view it!

Devon said...

SORRY- no photo available. the cat ate it!