Monday, September 8, 2008

Nieces and Nephews!

As I go through and Blog stalk, it takes me back to my memories of nieces and Nephews! So many of them have these Blogs and it is so nice to be able to keep up with what is going on in their worlds. With busy lives and young families, I dont know if there will ever be a time that we all get together again, but this helps us to stay in touch and see the kids that I have never seen in person. Mandy- I remember when I first joined the Ellis clan 25 years ago. you were refered to as "Baldy baby" your youngest little fellow looks just like you did! ( i dont have any pictures to put here, but you were so cute!)

Jeffrey, you ALWAYS and still do have the bigest smile all of the time and you always make me smile! (even when you eat cake!!!)

Matt- What can I say about you?! you were such a cute little funny fellow and everyone thought you and Kortney were twins.

The fearsome foursome- I have high hopes that the four of you will all be wonderful missionaries all at the same time!

And Jonathan- you are so much like my Dustin that I have always wanted to have you come live wtih us! ( But I am not sure that one mother could handle the two of you!)

There are more of you to write about,but these will have to sufice for now. the one thing that I have particularly noticed about the Robert Ellis Grandchildren is that they all have a really interesting sense of humor. wonder where that comes from? Speaking of Ellis men- here is a picture that makes me smile.
Ever hear of "good, better, best" ? I wonder if Dustin can sleep at night knowing what is in store for him?!!


Jeff said...

AUNT DEVON! Traitor! Could you not find a more flattering photo? Wait. Okay, so you likely couldn't and I'm the only one to blame. But still. Sheesh.

Really though, I am flattered to be directly mentioned in your blog. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog scene.

The Ballard Family said...

Wow, I'm famous! Look at that...always wanted to be known for something great...
I guess Baldy Baby will be my everlasting shame/claim to fame! least there wasn't a picture. And I can laugh at Jeff without fear of backlash.