Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boys are Dumb!!!

I know this title may be offensive to some, but what other conclusion can I come to when my son and his buddy say "Let's go catch a skunk!"? Really- that was what they went out to do last night. Why? they just smirked even more when I asked. They did a bit of research on the computer to what to do if you get sprayed and after watching an episode of Myth Busters on skunk spraying myths, the boys came to the conclusion that since the guy on the show didn't get sprayed, neither would they, (even if the guy on the animal planet show did get sprayed). So out the head, armed with a flashlight and a jar of peanut butter, wearing batman shorts and little else (just in case they needed to throw away their clothes?) I then asked what they planned to do with the skunk if indeed they did catch one. That was a mistake! Since when did catching skunks prepare one for a mission? Did they catch one? I don't know. I told them that they were not to come in the house if they got sprayed and they would have to sleep outside or at Owens house for a week if they got sprayed and that they could not use any car that was titled in my name (both cars) and then I went to bed. This morning I did not smell any skunk smell in the house and both cars were in the driveway. I guess I will find out later when I see Dustin what the rest of the story is.


Nelson Family said...

P.s. My own mother can't even spell my name right.

Jeff said...

The title is far from offensive. It simply displays the general misunderstanding of a guy's mind. Yes, we are dumb in that we are not like lemmings,trained to follow some sort of preplanned coursed cleverly labeled "stability." No. We seek after discovery and improvement! Would life not be better if we no longer had to fear skunks? Imagine the possibilities!