Monday, September 29, 2008

John Wayne and Elvis-

What do John Wayne and Elvis have in common , besides the obvious (dead and famous) ? the answer- they carpool together! Bet you didn't know that!!! I didn't either till Saturday. So, Saturday Mica and I are heading over to my sister's house to pick her up for her Birthday day our (next story), and we come to an intersection that is a mess due to the tourist traffic. As we sit through our 3rd green light because of blocked intersection, Mica says "look who is in the van in the middle of the intersection blocking our path!" I look at the driver and passenger of the older model beat up maroon Chevy van and the driver is Elvis and the passenger is John Wayne. No kidding!! So this is where famous people go when they die! I did see Johnny cash once at the grocery store- but he wasn't dead. I find this so amusing that I just sat and laughed and didn't mind sitting thru another green light. Only in Branson!!!

SO, now on to Donna- my dear sister. Sunday was her birthday. Out of respect, I won't post her true age. My gift to her was a girls day out to Eureka Springs Arkansas for lunch and shopping. After a long drive there (1 hour) we discovered that it happened to be the Poker Run Hog Heaven Motorcycle weekend. There was thousands of bikers there! We couldn't find a place to park forever, then when we finally did and were walking around, we were greatly entertained by the diversity of our fellow visitors. I found it particularly amusing to receive cat calls from the balcony of the Hog Heaven Bar! Little Jovie in her stroller seem to very much enjoy the loud motorcycles. We did have a very entertaining afternoon and Donna always enjoys the sight of a manly man on a bike! Never a dull moment!!

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Jeff said...

Sweet! Another fantastic Elvis sighting. And this time with John Wayne!? Hey, Does ELVIS have an international airport named after HIM? Anyway, you have got to keep your camera ready. That was a sweet photo op. Could have sold it to the tabloids for a small fortune :D