Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, more details: Jovie is the daughter of my niece Mica, and Delila is the daughter of my nephew Chad, who happens to be the brother of Mica. Mica is married to JB and Chad is married to Christine. I am not Grandma yet, but Mica and Chad have given me the privelges allowed to grandma status and I tremendously apreciate that!

Now for the latest exciting news! I have a new Grandpuppy! Not sure what the proud parents have decided to name this lovely fuzzy faced princess, but I am sure it will be an interesting name! She is a West Highland Terrier. Kendra is the proud momma!

Speaking of Mommys... were getting closer to the birth of my first Grandbaby. (see Kortney's blog) and the question has come up- What is my Grandma name? I have asked around of other grandmothers that I know and it is split weather or not you pick your own grandmother name, or the child picks one for you. I have decided to let the child come up with something for me.
My mother has chosen to be referred to as "The GRAND Mother"
My Grandma I called "Gramma Mag".
My sister Donna is called "Nana" by her Grandbabies.
You will need to leave me a message and let me know what you think my Grandma name should be.


Nelson Family said...

Ben Says: I guess you know that I read the comments now doncha!?!
How about Grandmammy or grannykins?
We might just tell our little girl to call you "silly grandma." Maybe you should come out here before we teach her anything.
You are going to be one cool grandma. Love you Mom.

Devon said...

Kendra's furry baby girl's name is Indie. Kendra says she is a bit bratty!