Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer fun!

I was going to try to put these in some kind of order, but that takes alot of work. So here are pictures and comments of the beginning of summer for us. We attended the College of the Ozarks Honor America program. There were fireworks! Kevin and I enjoy being Grandparents so much! It is way better than being parents. I guess that is why they put the GRAND in front of parents... Kennady is sure a Grandma's girl!

Dustin is attempting to grow facial hair. (and he refuses to smile for the camera)

Kennady likes to blow rasberries and spit...
Jovie and Kennady have fun together alot! (you gotta watch out for those older cousins!)
Jovie will make a wonderful big sister in January.
Kennady REALLY loves Nilla Wafers!
This is what happens when you take them away form her...

Delila is another cousin that came for a visit. I tried to get a picture with all three little girls, but Delila wouldn't .
More Kennady cause she is so cute! Grandma found the cutest dress for the 4th of July!

Two Little Monkees!!

Swimming at the Lake is Kennadys favorite activity (besides eating). We like to head out to the lake after a long day at work.
Kennady loves to splash!
And Splash.....
and Splash...
(I actually put that on twice and I cant figure out how to get pictures off once I get them on..)
and then the sun sets!
Makes for great lighting...
Just the cutest baby ever!

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