Monday, June 22, 2009

Building a Bridge...

Here is the latest project at our house... Dustin decided to build a bridge over the creek in our yard. He had his friend Aaron come over and help. Kind of reminds me of the Tom Sawyer painting the fence story- power tools were involved!
The bridge turned out wonderful and Kennady really likes it alot. She has decided to be the toll collector. You have to get past her to cross the bridge. Dont let her small size fool you, She is so adorable that anyone will stop and pick her up and forget they were crossing a bridge!

Hard to just walk on by!

This has nothing to do with the bridge, but Stupidcat just looked so content watching me take pictures that I couldnt resist taking a picture of him.
Another change of subject. This is now the view out my back window. It used to be just woods and very green and tranquil, but now a house is being built right in my back yard. I am not too happy about it, but not much that can be done about it and I hope I end up with good neighbors!


Kim and Zak said...

Love the pictures! That's hilarious that Kennady is the toll collector, too! She's adorable! :)

Jeff said...

Man! Home owners get all the fun of projects and such. Grrrr. Nice job Dustin.