Monday, June 8, 2009


Dustin is back for a little while. He needs more prep time. He is planning on going back out soon. It has been a busy weekend.


Kim and Zak said...

He's back from the MTC??? How do they know that he needs more prep time?? I'm not familiar with that process, so do fill me in! :) Miss ya!! :) Love, Kim :)

Jeff said...

I am certain that this is the inappropriate response to the post, but I busted up when I read this. After all the mission drama. First, RUSSIA! That's a far stretch. It would take me two years in the MTC alone before I would be ready to accept that call. Then "Hey, the Lord needs you to go several weeks earlier" What!? I would have been freaking out by that point. An in the shadow of my sister's wedding? Sheesh. It almost seems like a dose of sanity kicked in.

Now, I know the Lord has is times, seasons and reasons. I know Dustin well enough to know he his making the choices the Lord needs him to make. That's probably why I see the humor in it all. Maybe the Lords is just doing everything in his power to get him called to Idaho hehehe.

My verification word is "latching" as in, I am "latching" on to your blog now ;-)