Friday, February 20, 2009

All about Kortney!

What kind of a mom would I be if I left one of my kids out! Here is my lovely firstborn!
Kortney is currently living with us with her family. They came just before Christmas and are going to stay for the summer. I think we are going to have a great summer this year. I have already made some boat trading deals- a saturday of canoeing for a saturday of waterskiing!Ben is Kortney's really terrific husband! Kortney had baby Kennady back in October. Kortney was a cute pregnant lady!She is a terrific mommy! Here is another picture taken a few years ago. Kortney has always been a good friend to me and a good big sister to those other two! (you may notice that we have a very difficult time taking serious pictures)
But occaisionally we manage to got one nice one! ( with a little help from Kortney's photoshop!

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Jeff said...

Fun post. Though, Kortney get's her spot light through her spawn :) You see every time you post about Kennady it counts as a half post of Kortney and a half post of Ben. So you see, I have to side with Kendra. Sorry, I'm just enjoying starting trouble.