Friday, February 13, 2009

All about Kendra!

Kendra said I didn't say much about her- so here it is... A blog all about my second born middle child daughter-- Kendra!!! She is engaged to Nathan and is getting married in April in Idaho. More information coming about the details. She has always kept me entertained! Never a dull moment in the world of Kendra!! Now add Chad to the mix! Chad is her twin cousin. She and Chad would've been born twins, but God knew one mother couldn't handle both of them under one roof, So I got Kendra and Donna got Chad and they have been raised together. when they were little we called them "search and destroy". Need I say more? (there are some really good stories in there!)

Kendra is very loving and kind!

More Chad!

Kendra has a great smile!

She was blonde once!
She likes pizza- but is afraid of Ketchup!

Here is Nathan and Kendra!
And Chad again!

Kendra likes to wear hats!

and that is all about Kendra! I love you Kendra!

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Jeff said...

Hehehe. And that's all there is to little Kendra... Yeah, if only it were that simple. KIDDING KENDRA!!! Man, don't have a cow! By the way. What's with living in MO all these years? You better make it to the family reunion July 2010 so I can actually spend time with my family.