Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 things and Ice!

I am going to combine 25 random things about me with some cool photos from the recent ice storm we had. First off- the Ice storm was great! we did not loose power and we were safe and warm, unlike many people just to our south a few miles. we had a ton of ice, covered by sleet then by a final layer of pretty snow. total accumulation 6-8 inches (2 inches ice, 2-3 sleet, 2 snow) It was crusty and hard and very slippery and the sledding conditions were awesome! I did do some great sledding down the hill right in front of the house. I even took the video camera down a couple of runs. I didn't get hurt either!! We did not have to go to work or school for most of the week and we played allot of games and sledded allot and cooked yummy things! Lots of nice family time!
The icicles were wicked and it was crazy when they started to break off when it warmed up again! they made funny noises when you hit them!

Kennady is growing fast and cute as can be!! I love having her around! this Grandma business is really good!

OK- so a day or so after this big ice storm, the sun comes out and it gets up into the 70's -WARM!!! warm enough for flip flops ! Missouri weather is really crazy... One day ice and snow and bad and the next day spring is back and we are running around in summer attire! yesterday we had warm balmy weather in low 70's, upper 60's, then last night tornado weather, then chance of snow later in the week, then back in 60's by the weekend!
This is looking out the side door of our family room near sunset!

I have been crocheting an afghan for awhile and finished it. here is a picture. I like to crochet when i sit to watch TV so I don't feel like I am being lazy!( #1. random fact)
2. I LOVE SNOW!! There is nothing that makes me happier than a good snow day! I go for long walks in the snow and go sledding and just stare at it .
3. I love to ski and I used to be pretty good at it. I am not too bad still, considering that i rarely have the opportunity to go Skiing.
4. I love being a grandma- the fun of a baby without all the responsibility.
5. I talk to my cats, I talk to myself and I do it often.
6. yesterday my shoes didn't match all day long. It made me laugh! I am on a hiring committee and we had interviews yesterday and I finally noticed this little detail. One Brown shoe and one Black shoe. Not even the same style- way funny!
7. I think I am funny.
8. I like to swim allot. I swam across the lake by the Dam last summer.
9. I like to scuba dive too and I have been certified since I was 18.
10. I love my sisters!
11. I enjoy ALL kinds of music. Chad and Kendra have expanded my listening exposure and I have found that I like the weird stuff. John Denver to Love you Long Time. Zombie Bazooka Patrol has some entertaining sound to it too. I really like the Poop on my Party song that was one of Kendra's. Herb Albert is a favorite as well and so is Marching Band music. the Kitty Cat song from chad is a good one too. Techno stuff is good too.
12. I am a blog stalker.
13. I like long toenails (it makes My sister crazy, but I think that is because she is missing a toenail)
14. I like having my toes popped.
15. I hate Scrabble.
16. I don't enjoy being around people that laugh loud and talk loud.
17. I don't drink pop
18. I am taking a belly dancing class- Peer Pressure.
19. I really was quite the Disco dancer back in my high school days!
20. I used to be really shy- but not really anymore.
21. I really want to go Skydiving.
22. I love to drive really fast boats!
23. I killed a duck once- by accident. (and a dog)
24. I camped in a cave before.
25. I play the Harmonica.


Kenni-Kenni-Kendra said...

You need to make a post with a picture of me and nathan and say how wonderful we are. kennady is making me feel neglected.

Jeff said...

Where's the video? Excellent photos and fun facts.