Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas 2008

I am back! Things have been way too busy till now to update the blog. Much has happened since Thanksgiving. Ben and Kortney and Kennady moved in with us till April. Christmas came and went. Kendra got engaged and is planning on getting married in April. Work has been a zoo till now. And I was sick for about a month. That's about it.... Now pictures to tell the story... This is Christmas. Kevin is back from Canada and is working nights on the Springfield store. He and Ben are Chowing down in this picture.
Here is Kennady in the Christmas dress I made her for her first Christmas. (I had time to sew while in Idaho in October) Kennady is a wonderful baby and totally loves her Grandpa. she likes to smile at her grandparents and is so cute that we drop everything when she smiles and talk to her!!

Uncle Dustin loves little Kennady too! We have a new pet at our house till Kendra comes to take him home.

Did I mention Kevin turned 50!!! Isn't he handsome!

Dustin and I decked the house out with lights this year. They stayed up till mid January.
Now it is almost February and things should get back to somewhat normal. We are preparing for a wedding and also getting ready for Dustin to leave on his mission. Never a dull moment!!

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Jeff said...

Sweet post. Thanks for blogging it. Sorry it took my so long to get to it.