Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Point made

My point is made again! Yesterday I was visiting with a biology teacher that is probably in his late 50's. He asked about my son and I told him the skunk story. He was absolutely amazed that Dustin didn't get sprayed because he said-"my brother and I got sprayed when we caught our skunk". I was amazed that Dustin's episode of craziness is not an isolated event!! Jeff- point made.

Now on to less amusing. Fall is coming and I am excited. October has always been one of my very favorite months. I love the cooler weather and fall colors. I have always enjoyed a good football game and marching bands. Apples always are their best in October. I really miss attending marching band competitions. If you have never gone to one, you really must!
Also something I miss is Cross Country meets. Now those are exciting!! This is the first fall in many years that I don't have a kid in either event and I really miss that. But I do have something equally exciting getting ready to happen.. A new baby!! I am going to be a Grandma in less than 2 weeks. I get 3 weeks off of work for a trip to Idaho and see my girls and Ben and the new one. The question of a name keeps coming to mind and I will be happy when the name is decided, (which probably wont happen till after birth). I have made a few suggestions, but so far they have all been rejected. What's wrong with Missouri Belle? or Kenora? I particularly like Kortneys idea of Taco Sue! Well the countdown grows shorter for the arrival of little ???


Nelson Family said...

It's "Tacho."

Jeff said...

You see? If a natural science teacher has tried it, then it must be sane.

Emily said...

I also love Fall! It is such a beautiful time of year!