Monday, October 13, 2008

Life comes at you Fast!!

Life comes at you fast!! And it keeps on coming! Another weekend flew by at warp speed and now it's Monday again. How does that happen? I have a theory-Times move at a speed that is proportional to your age. The older one gets, the faster time moves. That is why time drags on when you are a kid, and goes fast when you get old. Weird how that works! Something to ponder.

The weekend was good, but short. I had Leadership meetings on Saturday and church on Sunday. Dustin and I had a discussion on something else to ponder. At my leadership meeting, a good portion of it was musical presentations. the purpose was to help us feel the spirit. It was very nice music and it drove some to tears. But not me. I wondered what my problem was because I was trying to feel the spirit. Then yesterday on the way home from church, Dustin brought up the subject somehow about things that make you feel the spirit. We came to the conclusion that those things vary from person to person. I feel the spirit most ofter when I SEE beauty rather than HEAR. Dustin says he feels the spirit more when he is DOING something that makes him happy- Like riding a moped out on the open highway. Hmmm? now there is something to think about. Speaking of Mopeds...

Dustin and I have come to the conclusion that we would like to have a Moped. I actually voted on a Segway, but my kids all think that I would look terribly funny riding one of those. Wouldn't I look equally silly riding a Moped?

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Jeff said...

That's Einstein's theory of relativity. In short, and object slows it movement through time as it increases it's movement through space. Now that you are slowing down in your old age you are racing through time. (in reality I just applied that backwards, but shhh. It's funnier this way.)

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Love Aunty.

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