Friday, October 17, 2008

My 8 Quirks...

So Jeff tagged me on this one- here goes..

1. I too have sleep quirks. After I go to sleep I wake up usually very sudden about an hour after I fall asleep- wide awake. If I try to just lay there, I cannot go back to sleep, but I have found that if I get out of bed and turn around in a circle twice and get back into bed, I can instantly fall back asleep!(I think I learned that from my cats!)

2. I have wonderful long and interesting, out loud 2 way conversations with myself all the time. If I am trying to make a decision about a two sided issue, we (that's me and myself) have a nice chat, and one side usually is right.

3. I have to sit and park in the same places every time. At Church, at work and even at the grocery store. It makes me crazy if someone parks in "my spot" and if some one is sitting at my desk, or in "my spot" at church, I can hardly stand it. This quirk is a major one!

4. I love to sit somewhere very high and watch people walking below, not knowing that i am above watching them! When I was young, my favorite perch was the tops of trees. I would climb as high in a tree as I could and quietly sit up there for hours just watching people come and go and sometimes even looking for me.

One of my very favorite high spots is at the City Museum in St. Louis!

5. Cat conversations! My cats and I talk to each other all the time. They are very intelligent (well, two of them are) and they always entertain me with their ideas. The language is called Meowineese. They don't usually talk with other people, but occasionally do.

This one is Snoopers. He is old and not very smart. He gets his haircut twice a year.This one is Stupidcat. Don't let his name fool you! He is actually very smart!

And this is Anonymous! She carries on the most conversation and is my dear friend.

Ok, now you can tell that Quirk #5 is tied very closely to #6.

6. I am a cat lover! nuf said.

7.I love SNOW!!! It makes me giddy and happy and cheerful! I love to sled in the snow. Yup! even at MY age! I will Never outgrow that one. Skiing too! and making snow angels and building snow forts and good snowball fights! I really like driving in snow storms and catching big snowflakes on my tongue. I am the first one outside if it snows. I eat off of snowman plates year round and wear my snowman earrings year round. You can never get too much snow I say! ( I realize that Kortney may not agree with me on that one!)

8. Water! I love to swim- anytime anywhere!Sometimes I combine #7 and #8! and get a neat sweatshirt for the effort!

Now I tag Kortney!!

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Jeff said...

I have the best family EVER! I loved reading your quirks. Who would of thought? And all these years I thought my aunts were all perfect :) I am all with you with cold weather and snow. Though, I have not done the polar bear dip since I was a dumb boy scout. lol