Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting with the program!

I have decided to joion the younger generation and overcome my old people fear that anything you put on the web will be used to steal your identity. My mother will have a cow to know that I even mention her on the web where anyone can read about my life. My life is none too exciting, but i really enjoy catching up and feeling like i am a part of others lives, and figured that perhaps others may like to know what is goiong on in my world. If not, then you wont be reading this, and if you are reading this- I have just proved my point!!
I keep busy with my job mostly and have daily adventures dealing with college students as the student services at OTC in southwest Missouri. Kevin (husband) travels alot and is home one select weekends. Dustin (son) still lives at home with me and will be going on a mission in less than a year. My girls -Kortney and Kendra live in Idaho. they are stories in themselves (see Kortney's blog)
Currently Dustin and I have been keeping busy after work watching the olympics. Phelps is our favorite. I have 3 cats that pretend that they are my children when the house is empty. and the big news is that I have a Granddaughter due in October and I am getting a vacation then. so that is about the extent of my life for now. I will post more when things slow down for me.

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