Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Of Mice and Mowers...

So! here is a picture of my clan (not including the four legged children). This was taken last Chrismas at one of the more "memorable" christmas's. If you were there you would remember what I mean by "memorable"! That little adventure consisted of moving two apartments, one big fight, a couple of mice, and several blizzards and the christmas tree impaling episode. There are more parts to it than that, but those mentioned were the highlights of the trip. (forgot Vail and smuggling in the mice!)
In this picture is Ben and Kortney Nelson (couple on the left) Kendra and Nathan (couple on the right) Dustin (center back) and Kevin and I (center).
I seem to like to dwell on my family- and I do because I am the mom! But I guess at this moment I will try to focus on what someone might find interesting to read about. I got a new lawn mower last night? it is really nice and shiney and green! Ok- not so interesting, but in a normal sense of way- exciting! considering the last one was bought nearly 17 years ago at wal-mart. Dustin finally managed to kill it after many years of trying. This time he ran over the leg of the trampoline and bent the shaft and broke the motor base. He did a passable (barely) impression of regret at the death of the old mower. I thought about giving him a hard time about it, but really- that old thing was ready to be put out of its misery! I gave Dustin the happy news that we had gotten a replacement and the new mower was all gassed up and ready to get to today. I dont know why he didn't get so excited?

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