Friday, April 9, 2010

April in the Qzarks!

It is so lovely in the Ozarks in the Spring! I took my camera out and couldn't resist taking pictures. I don't have a lot of dialog to go with most of this post. It is meant to be looked at and enjoyed! I actually used my sunglasses in front of the camera lens to get the effect on these pictures.
I thought it was interesting and fun to mess around to see what effects I would get. The Red bud trees are spectacular this year!
My cat really has been enjoying the lovely weather!
It is almost canoeing time! The water is still a bit on the cold side!
My flowers are starting to bloom in the flowerbed!
This is part of our yard. When it rains we actually have a creek running through our yard.

Good thing Dustin built me a wonderful bridge.

Now we will talk about Easter. Easter Sunday was lovely. We listened to Conference in the morning at home in our PJ's and had a nice Breakfast (and got to sleep in!) Then we went over to My nieces house for lunch and Easter egg hiding.

Dustin really likes to hunt for eggs. Jovie hates it when big Dustin finds her egg!

She is so cute! She only wanted the eggs with candy in them. Not too excited about the hard boiled ones.
AND..... It was Dustin's REAL birthday! (if you are his friend on facebook, you will know what I am talking about) He turned 20. He baked himself a lovely cake!

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