Monday, March 8, 2010

Nice weekend!

Saturday morning Ava got baptised! Dustin had the opportunity to Baptise her. It was a very special day! The weather is finally turning much nicer and we spent the remainder of the day basking in the sunshine napping on the trampoline in the yard. I didn't really accomplish much, but felt well rested and happy! We have a new addition in our neighborhood!
We have been watching King Kong move into the neighborhood! It appears that he has taken permanent residency!

This view is a little unsettling in your rear view mirror when we drive home!

I love living in Branson!!


Kim and Zak said...

Oh my gosh, King Kong is too funny! You're right...Gotta love Branson! :)

Karen Beth said...

You sweet son looks so nice. What a fun day. I love the pictures of King Kong. Some day we need to come to Branson. Take care.