Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I had my 27th wedding anniversary in April to the man that I love very much. He was so sweet and sent me the most wonderful flowers!He got them at "Petals" in Branson and Jason designed them. Jason is an artist! Jason also did Kortney's wedding bouquet. Here is a really old picture Kortney's flowers...I am sure Dustin will appreciate me sharing this old picture! But seriously, if you ever want a beautiful artistic flower arrangement, get Jason at Petals! Now here is a picture of my sweetheart! He was going to go play catch with Dustin. He took all the precautions and wanted to be on even terms... Yes, that is a post-it note over his eye, held in place with a rubber band. I think it cut off the circulation in his brain! My guys are pretty goofy!
Now on to my "garden"! I planted Bell Peppers. Kortney has an awesome recipe that calls for peppers that I love to make. She should post the recipe on her blog.

Here is another picture of my AWESOME bridge that Dustin built! And if you look closely you can see the steps for the trampoline that he built as well. I love my yard!

The next several pictures are of my flowers! Just because I think they are so pretty and they make me happy!

Could you tell that the hanging basket is not real flowers? I cant reach up there and keep a plant properly watered and my hanging plants never did well in this one spot, so I got fake flowers. The rest of these flowers are real and smell wonderful! I Love the smell of Petunias!
My front yard. Peonies! This is the first year my Peonies have bloomed!
The Irises didn't bloom as well this year, but I love the ones that did. There is a story behind my Irises. Once upon a time, before I had a real job and my little children were in school, My friend Jane and I would go out to play while the kids were in school. We had lots of adventures! One of which was the Iris hunt. She and I took my van and a shovel and drove all over the countryside looking for Irises blooming in the ditches and along the road. When we would find some not in someones yard, we would pull over and dig them up and throw them in the van and drive off. We had a fun day and came home with lots of varied Irises and divided them up and planted them in our yards. They still bloom every spring and I think of Jane every time I look at my Irises.
She and I also spent alot of time going to nurseries and looking at the flowers. We once bought Rose bushes together and planted them in our yards. Here is my roses from that adventure!And last but not least, a couple of weeks ago I bought a new rose bush and it is blooming!

Happy Spring!!!

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