Thursday, September 10, 2009


Not even sure where to start! Life comes at you fast... SO, a couple of weeks ago a get phone call just as I am ready to go to bed. It goes something like this...
"Mom, can you meet me at the emergency room?"
"What's going on?"
"well, my eye got shot out by a bottle rocket"
"No mom, this is not a joke! Why do you always say that when I call you with something major?"
(i guess I need to learn to ask if you are OK before I ask if you are joking)
"OK I will meet you there."
So I head out to the hospital Emergency room and meet Dustin and his friends there. We were immediately taken back to a room and a doctor was there within minutes. you know it's bad when you don't have to wait for hours in the emergency waiting room on a busy Saturday night. So, bottom line- he got hit in the left eye at close range with a bottle rocket (firework). he was admitted to the hospital for surgery a few hours later. His cornea was repaired and sealed. Now it is two and a half weeks later and yesterdays report was "cautiously optimistic" and next week we go to schedule the next surgery to replace the lens. The blood clot is nearly gone and the ultrasounds show the retina is still intact. We are hopeful that his sight will return eventually. Currently he cannot see out of the left eye at all. He had to drop his class at MSU and cannot drive yet. The pain has been pretty intense for the most part, but it is getting better. In the middle of all of the Dustin pirate drama it is time for Kortney and Ben and Kennady to pack up and move to Idaho. I had made all the arrangements to go with them. After much worry and consideration, I decided to take a break from the doctor appointments and eye drops and go. The car was loaded with all the stuff and me and a baby in the back seat and we drove 2 days to Idaho. Kennady was a perfect baby and the trip went well. We arrived in Rexburg and spent the next week moving into the new apartment. While there, I did get to see and spend some time with Kendra and Nathan. We had alot of fun playing Rock Star Band. I got to see the wild side of Ben!! Made me laugh and Kennady wonder!!We really had some fun! Kendra and Nathan have a nice little apartment and lots of good toys!
After all the fun and games, it was time to head back to home again. The trip back was entertaining. Kortney had Alaska Airline points that needed to be used up so she flew me to Dallas by way of Idaho Falls to Boise, 30 minute layover, Boise to Seattle WA, overnight layover (I stayed in a nice Hilton- I love The LSU football team stayed in the motel while I was there. They played Washington State that night and won.) The next day I flew Seattle to Dallas. Cheryl picked me up and we went to my in-laws and all Kevins sisters except Trudie. We had a "slumber Party" and visited alot. It was alot of fun and entertaining to hear all about all our old lady aches and pains. Tina and I visited about our wonderful Grandchildren. They next morning the girls took me to the airport and I flew from Dallas to Branson! Home again. It was really nice to be home again and I was very happy to see my sweet husband and pirate son! I think they missed me too! I really had a hard time leaving my baby in Idaho and I am going to so much miss that baby girl. Here are some pictures of my girl- the last photos that I will be taking for awhile.
I have a picture of this baby's mother that looks almost exactly the same.

this one is a bit blurry, but this is her silly look that makes me laugh. She has several funny faces that she makes!
I am going to miss my monkey!


Emily said...

Glad you got to have some fun with family. I can't believe he did that to his eye, I feel terribly for him, that must be soooo painful. I love Priceline discounts!

Karen Beth said...

Hi Devon, I am so sorry about Dustin's eye. I hope he is doing better. I am sure you are missing your sweet little grand daughter. Please tell them if they need ANYTHING to let us know. My cell phone is 208-221-9693 and Doug's is 208-221-9692. You guys take care and let us know if you need anything.
Love, Karen

The Ballard Family said...

Wow, I thought I was busy! :)
I can't imagine the point in time when I will be juggling kids, grandkids, busy schedules, my own stuff, etc. You are one busy lady.
I hope all is going well with all of the above. I know that my mom and sister loved visiting with that little grandbaby of yours when they went up to Idaho! I bet you miss them!