Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm back!

I guess it has been awhile. Things seem to happen all the time and it is so hard to keep up. We have had lots of rain this fall and the Dam is pretty cool looking! The trees have been really colorful this fall. I did not manage to get any good pictures of that. In other news- Dustin got a Moped for his main source of Transportation! Yes he is officially the One Eyed Moped Man!
He also had his last surgery on his eye. The doctor did a lens implant and a vitrectomy. Not a lot of fun for Dustin. If you want a very graphic idea of what a Vitrectomy entails you can go to this website and see horrible photos. Don't do it if you have a weak stomach!
The results were that the lens implant did pretty good. Work was needed to repair the support system for the new lens. The vitrectomy was needed to remove the damaged lens that had gone inside the eye and to clean out the blood in the vitreous. When the doctor got inside and got a good look at the Macular, he discovered that the layer behind the macular has been damaged. This cannot be repaired at this time. Dr. Bennedet also said that he believes in the next 3-6 years there will likely be something that can be done. His vision is what it is...
So now it has been a few weeks and he is back at work at the Red Wing Shoe store and riding his Moped again. He goes back to the doctor on the 13th and see how things are doing. The End...
(we are all doing well and looking forward to the Holidays and travel. Texas for Thanksgiving and Idaho for Christmas!!!)

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