Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was great! Everyone should consider going to Texas for Thanksgiving. It was near 80 and sunny, then slight overcast. No wind- Just beautiful!!! The Ellis clan was partially in attendance and we were able to enjoy our meal outside at Grandma and Grandpas house.
There were some cousins there, and many missing as well. We missed you!

Here is the entire crowd including Great Grandchildren. (and the dogs- one is not pictured-there were 3 dogs in attendance. I should've brought a cat or two!)

Here is Dustin and Sean. Sean will be leaving on his mission in January. This is the before mission picture-

This is Matt- I told him I would post this one! I am not sure he believed me!!! Silly Boy!

This is Jeff and I!! Since he said I was the favorite Aunt and asked for a picture- then I will give him the status of Favorite Nephew for the moment until I am bribed accordingly!

Here is Tina and her two lovely Grandbabies. She really doesn't look like a Grandma!We had a wonderful time and I took a billion pictures.


Kim and Zak said...

Great pictures! It looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving! Oh, and who are the three people chasing each other (is that what they're doing?!) behind you all in the big group picture? I'm sure they didn't know they were included in the picture! haha :) I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving! :)

Jeff said...

Gee, thanks, Aunt Devon. Now if Aunt Kelly ever reads this post I'm blasted. I better be your favorite nephew now because I might be losing that status with Kelly. LOL.

Sincerely, thanks for encouraging everyone to come to Thanksgiving. At last count I got 25 in attendance. Who has the present Grand kids count? Great-Grandkids is 3 from Mandy, 2 from Dave, 1 from Mike, 2 from Brooke and now 1 from Kortney. Did I miss anyone?

Side note "Here is Tina and [two of her] Grandbabies. she has 3 grandbabies at present :)

Mary Christmas!!!

Devon said...

Kim- that is the neighbors back yard
Jeff- She actually has a total of 5 Grandkids I believe

Jeff said...

Hey, what happened to blogging. I'm tagging you to wright a blog by Monday night!

My verification word is nonisms. You know, that is the existence of nonexistence, like your blog entries :) (Though I am guilty of the same)

Oh, about the 5 grand kids, yes. But three grand babies :)