Friday, November 21, 2008


The weather is getting colder and that makes me happy! I know that is silly, but it is my favorite time of the year! with Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together, we get more days off work than usual. I need days off work!! 3 weeks away from my office ruined me. Kennady was about 6 hours off and we stayed up till after midnight and slept in till after 9 or so. Coming back to getting up at 6:30 really messes with you, and I haven't caught back up on my sleeping pattern yet. I also have no patience for new students. Here is a picture of my co-workers and me.
The guy in the green shirt is Rob- he's my boss that I got to hire. (long story) His wife had a baby a few days before Kennady was born. Carol is in the lavender- she and I work in the same room and I see her more than anyone else. We have become very good friends. The Skinny girl is the new part time help we hired and we dont actually see much of her. the guy in the white shirt is our full time Math teacher who moved here from Chicago with a wierd accent and odd personality. and Linda is the lady in pink. GED teacher and very nice!

Now about my wonderful sisters! Donna and Diana. They are the best and I am luicky to have great sisters. We have one more sister -Dacia. They are both very smart and very pretty and very nice. They both live near and we get to see each other often. Sisters make the best friends!

One time when I was about two, my baby sister Donna (14 months younger than I) was wet (back in the pre-pamper days). I decided to be a big help to my mother who was napping in her room. So I took the baby out to the garage where the washer and dryer were and put the baby in the dryer and climbed up on top of the dryer and turned it on and then went into the house to tell my mother of my good deed. When I told her that I had put the wet baby in the dryer to dry it, She screamed and jumped up and ran out to the garage and pulled a screaming baby out of the dryer. She then drug me back into the house, shoved me into my bedroom and slammed the door. I don't know why she was so upset?! Needless to say, She and I both lived to a ripe old age!

Well- not much else going on in my world yet. We head to Texas for Thanksgiving next week and I am very excited about that. Chad and Christine and Delila are moving to Colorado after Thanksgiving so Chad can attend gunsmithing school. Kortney and Ben and Kennady are moving to Missouri in December!!!! Dustin and his father wrestled last night. it was a pretty close match! scared the cats!


Kim and Zak said...

Devon, you're so funny! I love reading your posts! :) That's hilarious that you put your sister in the dryer, too. Hey, it made sense, right?! Too funny! :) I like how you described your co-workers, too. I'm so glad you're blogging! :) Miss ya!

Jeff said...

You seriously started the dryer!? Man, as much as my brother and I tried, we were never successful at getting a sibling in the dryer. However, we never dared but an infant. I tell you what. :P

Can't wait to see you for Thanksgiving!