Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catching Up!

I hate posting without new pictures, but It's been too long. I have been on quite an adventure for the past month and now it is time to get back to the real world. (Bummer!) Three weeks in Idaho were lovely and the new Grand baby is delightful. Little Kennady is a very good baby and her Grandma misses her terribly. I have started the countdown till they arrive in Missouri in December. I took probably well over 300 pictures while there. (and video). I will post more later, and that leads me to the next part of this dialog.

Back at work... we are currently under construction and I have been dislocated temporarily out of my office with MY computer. This computer is not cooperative and I am unable to download new pictures. Next week I get move move back into my nice and newly remodeled office! (maybe pictures!) I have not got caught up on sleep yet, nor gotten my house back in the condition that I prefer. My cats have been happy that I have come back home again and they can go off that terrible diet that Dustin put them on (forgetting to feed them diet!) Dustin seems very happy to get his Mommy back as well., or should I say MAID? He misses his buddy Owen who left for a mission last week. no more skunk catching I guess.

The leaves are all almost off the trees and the yard is a mess. The one picture is what the trees have looked like till this past weekend. Kevin will be home for awhile, so poor guy will have quite the "Honey do" list this time around. That is about it for now- tune in next week for the next episode!

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Kim and Zak said...

Hi, Devon! It's too bad your visit had to come to an end! :( I'm glad, though, that you had a great time! I look forward to seeing more pictures and video of Kennady! She's sooo cute, and I love her stylish fingernail polish. haha :) Take care, and try not to get too stressed! Love, Kim :)