Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Eisley is our newest grandaughter and we love her. All went well and My trip was great! I am going to put pictures on in no particular order, but I will tell you all about them now. Kendra kept me busy the three weeks I was at her house. I made a beautiful blessing dress that is one of the pictures. Kendra painted Eisleys room with dinosours that is wonderful. I painted baseboards and sewed curtains.Kennady and Kortney had birthdays while I was there too. The two dinosaurs that are helping blow out the candles with Kennady are Bob and Lizzy. Kennady started calling her dad Bob. Her dad did not think it was too funny, but Kennady and I did. My time there was great and too short. I really miss my girls and their girls! I have super son-in-laws too! The End!
P.S. Dustin is doing great on his mission! check out his blog that I post his letters on!

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