Tuesday, September 7, 2010

California Trip!

The trip was awsome!!
Last Thursday I flew out to California to meet up with Kortney, Kennady and Ben for a fast paced weekend at Disneyland. We met Mickey Mouse! And we sat in the teacup!
And we got to meet Tinkerbell!!! Kennady was so excited!

We then went on "It's a small world" ride.

Roger Rabbit was a bit scarey, But Kennady was very brave! (I love the look on her face!)

Then we saw Goofy!
Kennady had lots of fun...

She really enjoyed the Jungle boat ride.

The next day we went to the beach..
It was cool and breezy and the water was Really cold!

Kennady really liked the seal at Seal Beach.
Then we went to the Aquarium in Long Beach.
We saw the Rays! And got to pet them!!
The fake Beach picture!
Then we drove and saw the Los Angeles Temple. This is where my parents were sealed and I was sealed to them.
We drove a "Cube" around while we were there.
We then headed over to Cousin Rory's House for Movie night in the back yard.

Good time had by all! Then back to home on Sunday. It was a super fun weekend!!


The Ballard Family said...

Well, I have been horrible at staying up to date in the blogging world lately but looks like I came back just in time! Disneyland! Woohoo! You are such a great grandma to go along for the trip! I bet it was so much fun watching her through the whole thing! if I were braver I would attempt a trip with my kids but...hmm...no. :)
I am so glad you guys had a great time!

MarkAnderson said...

Thank you your view on the world! Oh I miss the years we were apart, but I'm so happy you have a terrific life! I couldn't be be more thankful to know you are happy and healthy--even if it was just one prom date ago! My apologies to your husband!

My Best to you and your family!