Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor day fun...

Labor day is getting to be one of my favorite holidays! The summer is coming to a close and it is the last Hurrah before fall sets in and I live minutes from an awesome lake! The girls got together out in Idaho and got me a picture of my beautiful Grandbabies!!! So here in Missouri we headed on down to Table Rock Lake for a day of good food and fun and family.

Kevin really enjoyed Donna's Kayak!

Kevin and Diana watch as Diego takes off... ( I wonder how they will do when he turns 16 and get his licence?!)

I got my "Grandma boat" and it was a hit!

Diego really had some fun as did Kevin...
This is Kevin's idea of "Sailing". The paddles were up to catch some wind... (he did end up with a pretty bad sunburn on his front side)

We really missed our family that was not able to be here. Maybe next year??

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