Friday, March 4, 2011

Joining the fun!

30 Day Photo Challenge- Kortney started it on her blog and I like the idea. For 30 days I will post a picture or two that makes me smile and let you know why it makes me smile! This one is Kortney and Ben in St. Louis the week that they got engaged! (4 years ago!) They now have a very cute, trouble making 2 year old and #2 on the way! They are happy and it was a good match! (see Kortney's blog) This picture was taken on a fun day that we spent in St. Louis with Kevin and I and Ben and Kortney. We did tourist stuff and Kortney was a bit grumpy because she was ready for Ben to propose, but he had his own timeline. I still smile when I think of that day.

This is another picture that makes me smile. Dustin and his best buddy Owen at Dustins suprise 17th birthday party. (sorry it's blurred) Dustin always struck this pose for pictures and still does sometimes. He was a fun kid! I miss him alot, but he is doing well on the mission (see Dustin's blog for his continuing mission stories)..

And here is my last one for today- Kendra and Nathan. This was taken back when they were dating and they came to visit us in Branson. Now they are married and have the cutest baby girl! We had a great week when they were here and really look forward to their next visit... More to come...

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