Friday, February 5, 2010

Living in Branson!

This post is going to be on what it is like to live in Branson! How Many people do you know that can always know when it is noon because they hear the fog horn from the Titanic blasting?? Every day at noon!This is a block from my house. It makes it easy to give directions to my house... Go to the Titanic, turn left, go past the Mt. Rushmore with John,Elvis,Marilyn and Charlie...Turn Right past the haunted house...Speaking of Elvis and John, here is a funny story- One day Mica and I are in the car going somewhere and we get stuck in horrible Branson traffic. As we are sitting for like the third green light at an intersection that is blocked by cars - Mica points out to me that the maroon old van that is trying to make a left and doing the main blocking for our lane has some interesting poeple! What do you know, there is John Wayne in the Drivers seat and his passenger is Elvis Presley! Only in Branson. Now we know where famous people go when they die! But to top that off.. One day I am at work registering students and in walks Dolly Parton to enroll her daughter. I take it all in stride (after all I do live in Branson) and enroll her daughter. Now after awhile, I can't help but point out the obvious. I asked her if she realized that she resembles Dolly Parton. She laughed and said, "and my Husband is ELVIS!" the really funny thing is that this is a true story.... Ok- we have alot of impersonators in town. But it is a hoot to run into them in full costume. Now on to more pictures.

Kevin and I decided to not take down the tree this year. For the month of February it is a Valentines day tree. I will see how long this will last. My cats LOVE the idea! Now back to my neighborhood. So I am driving home and come around the corner a block away and here is what I see!
Have you figured out what it is??

Peices of King Kong! A giant King Kong will be joining Elvis, Marilyn, John and Charley soon!
Right across the street from the Titanic!! ( I love the snow plow truck to the rescue in this picture!)
We did have a snow storm.. And Great snowball fight the next day. Here is what things looked like after the fight! Dustin, Kevin and I had a blast!

This is the main hwy 76 on the day of the storm. It was wonderful! Can you tell that I love snow!

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Kim and Zak said...

Oh my gosh, that is a funny post! Gotta love Branson! :)