Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy May !

The wedding is over and things are starting to settle down- as far as Kendra goes! Here are some pictures that were taken at the reception in Missouri. It was a lovely event held in Mica and Jb's beautiful home. We had a great time and a very nice turnout. We spent the next few days with visiting family and Kendra and Nathan. Kendra made a VERY lovely bride. I dont think she can take a bad picture!
Nathan is a wonderful guy and makes Kendra very happy!

Here are some of the Hinnen girls. From left to right-
Me, Avery, Mica, Jovie,Donna, Diana, Kennady, Kendra, Ava.
Now on to Dustin. We are down to less than 2 weeks before he leaves for the MTC. He reports to the MTC on June 3rd. We went to St. Louis temple last week and had a nice day at the temple.

I am really going to miss my baby boy!!

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